Bartell Global SPE

Bartell Global SPE

Bartell Global SPE

The Bartell Family of Companies have been manufacturing quality professional grade equipment for over 60 years. Manufacturers and global distributors of Surface Removal , Surface Preparation, Concrete Placement and Concrete Finishing Equipment.

Their product range includes Floor Scappers, Grinders & Polishers, Heavy Duty MultiPlanners, MultiStrippers, Shot Blasters, Vertical Shot Blasters, Walk behind power trowels, Ride-on power trowels, Plate compactors, Morrison Truss Screed, Uniscreed, Material Spreaders and Sprayers. Brands include Innovatech – Terminators (surface removal) and Predators (Grinders and Polishers) along with all the necessary diamond tools.
SPE – Surface Preparation Equipment – shot blasters, dust collection systems, Grinders, Planners and related tooling/consumables.

Bartell – full range professional and commercial power trowels and plate compaction.
Morrsion – complete line of Truss screed and Uni-screeds.