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SJG Temporary Works

SJG TEMPOR-20190204-1421

SJG Temporary Works are a specialist construction and engineering consultancy. Their vast experience in Temporary Works, Geotechnics, Structures and P...

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Practicon Weighing Products division design and manufacture a comprehensive range of intelligent instrumentation, using the latest technology and embe...

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Lake Engineering Solution

Lake Corrosion Engineering Logo (JPG)

Lake Corrosion Engineering offers turnkey services with Lake’s corrosion survey report pinpointing corrosion locations, selecting products and documen...

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Pinnicle InfoTech


Pinnacle Infotech offers Building Information Modeling solutions to Architecture, Engineering & Construction firms. We specialize in the virtual c...

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Ratec GmbH


RATEC the leading supplier of magnetic formwork technology, 3D mould solutions and pumping equipment for precast concrete production, setting standard...

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PhilippGruppe GmbH

philip gruppe

Philipp Gruppe are the leading manufacturer of transport and mounting systems for concrete prefabricated units providing strength and stability for mo...

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Simply Precast


Simply Precast Accessories Ltd are the leading supplier of Precast Accessories and Lifting Systems. We are considered the go to supplier for Formwork,...

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Hycontrol has been an innovator in level measurement technology since 1983. Hycontrol has won multiple industry awards for its innovative silo protect...

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KME Steelworks


KME Steelworks specialises in the design and manufacture of steel moulds for precast concrete products and formwork for the in-situ pouring of concret...

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RB Plant


RB Plant is a multi-disciplinary engineering group founded in 1969. We provide project, CDM, construction management and engineering services. RB Plan...

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