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Matec Srl


MATEC specializes in the design and development of waste water purification and filtration plants. We work for many different industries, the most imp...

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OB PLant


Our range of equipment covers all aspects of concrete production, from batching to transport, pumping to recycling. Over the years we have built up a ...

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Betonblock BV


At any site where concrete is used, concrete residue remains. The removal of this waste costs time and money. BETONBLOCK® steel moulds offer a solutio...

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With over 60 years’ experience in concrete technology, Liebherr brings you a range of products designed to provide optimum production and transportati...

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THE PERFECT CONCRETE WASHOUT SOLUTION DOES EXIST! Jonesco is proud to exhibit the innovative AwayWash concrete washout system. It provides the ideal s...

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PUK Services

PUK SERVIC-20180119-0501

PUK Limited is an established sales organization providing services to the pre-cast concrete industry. With a wealth of knowledge of products and appl...

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Wilcox Commercial Vehicles


Wilcox CV are the premier aluminium body builder in the field of commercial vehicles and to add to the extensive product range Wilcox are now the main...

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Bibko GmbH


BIBKO® has been the leading manufacturer of residual concrete recycling systems with over 1800 systems installed worldwide since 1985. By combining te...

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