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06 Feb 2024

Exhibitor Spotlight: Combilift

Exhibitor Spotlight: Combilift

Exhibiting at the UK Concrete Show for the third time is Republic of Ireland-based Combilift.

Established by engineers Robert Moffett and Martin McVicar in 1998 with the launch of the groundbreaking C4000, the world’s first multidirectional 3-wheel, 4-tonne capacity forklift truck for handling long loads safely, Combilift now claim the title of “the largest manufacturer of multidirectional, sideloading and articulated forklifts globally”.

Over 25 years, Combilift have continued to lead the field in “lifting innovation”, with an ever-growing range of equipment. The latest additions to its line-up include the Combi-Cube, the Combi-CB70E, the Combi-AGT, and the Combi-LC Blade mover, all of which were launched in 2023 to mark the company’s 25 years in business.

Acknowledged as “the world’s fastest-growing forklift manufacturer”, Combilift have continued to be at the forefront of product innovation, thanks in part to an annual investment of 7% of its turnover in R&D. From a total of 18 units produced in 1998, over 80,000 units have since been sold in more than 85 countries, most of which are customised to individual requirements.

While the company caters to a huge range of industries, CEO Martin McVicar, says Combilift's strong presence in concrete means, “exhibiting our products to the right audience is instrumental to our growth and, having successfully taken part in previous UK Concrete Shows, we are delighted to be back at such a prestigious event.”

Highlights of its stand will include its FWSL (four-wheel side loader) and the C5000XLE multi-directional forklift.

FWSL – Combilift’s four-wheel side loader is developed for operations that require a reliable, robust, and fast operation when moving long and bulky loads across extensive sites. It is designed to deliver the safest way to handle your loads over longer distances and to improve your workflow.

C5000XLE – is designed to improve your workflow by effectively becoming three forklifts in one, a side-loader, a counterbalance, and a narrow aisle forklift. This revolutionary design eliminates costly double handling of material and improves productivity enabling you to get more done in less time.

The Combi C5000XLE can quickly change the direction of its wheels and move in any direction. This four-way movement gives this forklift the versatility to transport long loads through narrow doorways and around objects with confidence and utmost safety.

Looking ahead, CEO Martin McVicar emphasizes the company’s commitment to sustainability – “it’s our top priority” – as one way it is pursuing Net Zero.

“Sustainability is both part of the company’s value proposition to our customers,” says McVicar, “and an integral part of our own journey.

“We’re highly focused on making our vehicles more environmentally friendly and helping our customers maximise their warehouse efficiency, and I’d say about 98% of our R&D investment has gone into electric vehicle technology.”

As such the company launched three new fully electric trucks in 2023: the Combi-AGT, the Combi CUBE, and the Combi-CB70E, and today we produce at least 70% of our forklifts with electric drive.

The increased capacities Combilift are offering in their electric range will, says McVicar, “answer the demand for ever more powerful products which at the same time help companies to achieve their aims for more sustainable operations. But we are also strongly committed to reducing our carbon footprint, which extends to optimising our resources and minimising waste.”

But it's not just the machines it manufactures that are becoming “greener” but it’s also its manufacturing facility. Completed in 2018, the factory was designed to maximise efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint and includes solar panels, which generate 10% of its daily energy requirements, while biomass fuel is used in its paint lines, with skylights optimising natural daylight for the workforce.

The company has also switched to water-based paints on all the machines they manufacture, which dramatically reduces the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) used, preventing degradation of the environment.


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