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Shuttered concrete texture

10 Jan 2024

Exhibitor Spotlight: Masterscreed

Exhibitor Spotlight: Masterscreed

With over a decade of experience working in the concrete sector, Masterscreed will be returning to the UK Concrete Show for the seventh time. 

Specialising in the manufacture of high-performance machines incorporating the latest in cutting-edge innovation and technology, Masterscreed's product range includes automated concrete screeds, laser-guided screeds, and topping spreaders, all designed for unbeatable speed, efficiency, and versatility at an affordable price.  

“Our emphasis is on reliability, durability, and low maintenance,” says Robert Pasqualotto, director of Masterscreed. “We pride ourselves on using high-quality materials and adhering to rigorous manufacturing standards.” 

Masterscreed MS575 and MS40

Having showcased its products at global events such as Bauma (Germany), World of Concrete (USA), Matexpo (Belgium), Intermat (France), GIC (Italy), and the Big 5 (Dubai), the decision to exhibit at the UK Concrete Show once again highlights the show's significance as the only annual UK tradeshow dedicated to the concrete sector, says Pasqualotto.  

“Having exhibited at the UK Concrete Show since 2015, we know the importance of reaching the right audience, something the show does in spades,” says Pasqualotto, “making it an excellent platform for Masterscreed to showcase its products and connect with industry professionals.” 

Addressing the industry's move towards sustainability, Pasqualotto acknowledged the challenges of achieving Net Zero.  

“Masterscreed is actively exploring options, including the development of electrical and battery-operated machines. While recognizing the difficulty of completely eliminating emissions, we remain committed to minimizing their environmental impact.” 

Masterscreed's consistent participation in the UK Concrete Show underscores its unwavering dedication to innovation, quality, and sustainability within the concrete screeding sector. Attendees can anticipate exploring cutting-edge solutions that offer efficiency, reliability, and a forward-thinking approach to tackle industry challenges head-on.

Masterscreed concrete screed laser-guided machines

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