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16 Jan 2024

Exhibitor Spotlight: Oscrete

Exhibitor Spotlight: Oscrete
Colourplas Compact allows for a reduction of the cement content or an increase of the block strength as well as a better surface quality of the finished product

One of the UK’s leading specialist construction chemical suppliers, Yorkshire-based Oscrete manufactures and supplies a range of concrete admixtures for precast and ready-mix concrete and the ready-to-use mortar industries, including super-plasticising admixtures, waterproofing agents, and products to control moisture damage in construction.  

Formed in 1983 when new markets were found for the oil and surfactant products made by its parent company and laundry detergent manufacturer Christeyns, Oscrete rapidly developed products for precast concrete, ready-mix concrete, and mortar, leading to the growth of the brand as a specialized, high-performance concrete admixtures producer. 

In 2004 Oscrete launched Osperse performance additives (OPA) to facilitate its growth as a leading supplier of specialty additives for use in the manufacture of dry silo mortars and dry bagged products. In 2016, Oscrete’s Irish distribution partner for admixtures and additives, Adcrete, was brought into the Christeyns fold, and in 2022, Oscrete relaunched as a new standalone company within the Christeyns group. At the end of 2023, Oscrete completed a deal to secure a 90% shareholding of Adcrete. 

Having exhibited at the Concrete Show in 2018 and 2019, Oscrete has re-emerged from the pandemic stronger, independent, and with a clear focus on NPD, innovation, and customer service. 

In January 2022, the company announced its independence from parent company Christeyns, in a move designed to supercharge its supply, specifier partnerships, customer service, and new product development.  

Its revitalised position in the marketplace has facilitated a period of intense investment and a renewed focus on core markets and as such, Oscrete wanted to ensure its presence at key industry trade events, continue to strengthen its existing customer base, and introduce its products and services to new customers. 

“We are looking forward to the Concrete Show in 2024 as it will be a fantastic opportunity to meet and connect with prospective customers and strengthen our bonds with existing customers while contributing to conversations about and learning about new developments in our industry. It’s a great opportunity to strengthen awareness of the Oscrete brand and raise greater awareness around our commitment to sustainability,” says Oscrete director Scott Wilson. 

Visitors to the UK Concrete Show will be able to see two new products: Colourplas Compact, specifically designed to improve the compaction and workability of dry and semi-dry concrete mixes, alongside Tegla Extrude – a new generation superplasticiser, designed to impart exceptional performance in extruded concrete such as hollow-core, roof tile manufacture, and other dry/semi-dry concrete processes. 

Looking ahead to the next 12 months, Scott Wilson says: “It’s no surprise to any of us that we are entering a very challenging year for the construction industry as mortgage increases and the cost of living have had a direct impact on house builds and the demand for materials.  

“With the reduction in demand for volumes, innovation is key and we have focussed heavily on creating problem-solving admixture solutions to help the sector manage its costs and efficiencies. Key to our construction sector product portfolio and expertise are sustainability and cost-saving, all while maintaining product quality, durability, and strength. 

“After 40 years in the sector and surviving and growing through two recessions and a global pandemic, Oscrete’s experienced team is well-placed to help its customers manage the difficult times ahead and come back even stronger when the market recovers in 2025,” adds Scott Wilson. 

The industry’s move towards achieving Net Zero is also driving innovation at Oscrete. 

“At Oscrete, we believe that sustainability means having an ethical commitment to taking responsible actions that benefit our planet and society. Our investment includes appointing specialist product development and sustainability manager Matthew Gabriel and creating our sustainability overview to remain transparent in our pledge to retain environmental management as a core part of our DNA,” explains Scott Wilson. 

Wilson expects to see continued growth in global demand for construction chemicals, driven by sustainability requirements, as well as performance, with Oscrete’s role as a construction chemical manufacturer crucial in helping reduce concrete’s CO2 footprint.  

“Finding cost-effective, green solutions that don’t impact on performance is key to the future of the construction sector,” says Scott Wilson, “and as our customers are looking to reduce the embodied carbon of their products, it is our priority to develop products and processes which support our customers’ route towards low carbon concrete while keeping product evolution and responsible manufacturing at the forefront of our output.” 

For further details please contact the Oscrete customer services team on or call 01274 086299 and follow our team hear our thoughts and share our news through Linkedin or on X @OscreteUK

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