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BlueRinse Concrete Washout

Stand: 34

BlueRinse is passionate about the environment and onsite hazards, particularly the high pH water hazard generated by washing concrete, grout and cement equipment onsite. 

The BlueRinse Concrete Washout product range has been developed to help workers on all sizes of construction sites treat, recycle and reuse their wash water to avoid hazardous storage and costly accumulation. The range of products provides reliable and efficient solutions that make concrete wash-off simple and cost-effective with no harsh chemicals or CO2, minimising risk to workers and the environment. 

We are proud to have the latest addition to our range - The SlurryTub, along with making its debut at the UK Concrete Show. The SlurryTub is a heavy-duty tub that is lined with a biodegradable cellulose paper filter. This filter captures and filters solids from water, leaving visibly clear water to drain within the designated washout areas or be recycled on the job. The SlurryTub is perfect for wheelbarrow washout and cleaning hand tools, which helps keep the site tidy and reduces the risk of blocking drains or allowing suspended solids to enter a watercourse.


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Wyburn House
1 Crab Lane
ST16 1SB
United Kingdom

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