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Shuttered concrete texture

Sterling Mixers

Stand: 22

Sterling return to the Concrete Show for the third time with a larger stand and new products to show to our clients. We are officially launching the new 2024 range of 8 and 9m truck mixers. We will have 2 mixers on display to show all the latest developments…


Superior build-quality: Designed, built and fabricated to The Higher Standard, for exceptional longevity, resilience and durability. Reduced downtime and increased working life increases revenue earning of your investment


Best-in-class mixing: An advance engineered helical coil and capped blades ensure premium-quality concrete that’s thoroughly mixed.  For dry batching plants this means your mixer is more than just an agitator and will still deliver great quality concrete. For any plant doing local deliveries the drum design will complete the mixing faster


Efficient and effective: A highly refined drum design guarantees superfast charge and discharge rates for large-scale projects. Reduced time on site delivering increases potential loads per day


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Burdon Way
United Kingdom

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