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Lisa Scullion

Lisa Scullion

Applications Manager, Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre - The University of Manchester

Lisa is currently the Application Manager at the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC) for construction, coatings and membranes and has been with the University for 5 years.  Research and development includes coatings for steel and automotive industries, composites, construction materials and graphene formulation development. Current high-profile projects include development of graphene enhanced concrete systems for low carbon initiatives, advanced corrosion resistant coatings for road networks and graphene modified foam systems.  Lisa has overseen the development of both the coatings and construction labs during her time with the University, sourcing state of the art equipment and working alongside industry to deliver best practice and industry standard testing models.

Lisa holds a PhD in nanotechnology from the University of Liverpool and a master’s degree in biophysics.  Following university, Lisa worked for Unilever as a formulation scientist developing skills in formulating, characterisation and application testing of home care and chemical products.  Lisa spent the following seven years working for a polymer tech company as Manufacturing and Process Technology Manager with a focus on new product development. Part of the role was taking products from the lab scale to full-scale manufacture, leading a team developing novel technology for global markets. A key part of the role was the development of appropriate quality systems, formulation design and stability and identification of suitable toll manufacturing sites worldwide.  Projects included fluid bed spray coatings, polymer functionalisation, granulation, and extrusion.

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