Q. What are STREAMS?

STREAMS are a new method of more easily communicating specific show information to those visitors and exhibitors to whom it most directly relates. It’s all designed to allow visitors to maximise their time at the show by preparing before they arrive, but with the minimum of effort and to ensure they don’t miss out on anything.

The show is a highly visual experience, thus upon arrival in the hall, lots of things catch the eye. Research has shown that without a basic plan, visitors can easily be distracted by this visual stimuli with the result that they fail to visit some stands, or attend sessions that they otherwise might have.

Q. How do STREAMS work?

A. Visitors registering online for their show entry ticket are asked to select from 11 STREAMS – they can choose a maximum of 2 to which they belong.

The choices are:

Ready Mix Production

Mobile Ready Mix Production

Precast Production

Industrial Floors

Concrete Repair

Formwork, Falsework, Scaffolding


Concrete Contracting

Decorative Concrete

Testing & Consultancy

Q. So I choose Ready Mix Production and Pumping – what happens then?

A. You’ll be invited to visit the STREAMS dedicated web pages for those specific STREAMS where you will find listed all of the exhibitors showing at UKCS2020 whose products fall into your area of interest / operation, so all potential additions to your supply chain.

The web page will also list all activities at the show that relate to your STREAM – these will be practical demos, STREAM-HUB* sessions or 5 MINUTE PITCHES**

You’ll receive emails leading up to the show with content customised to your STREAMS  – these may contain special offers, news of new exhibitors just signed up who belong to your STREAMS, new STREAM-HUB or 5 MINUTE PITCHES just announced or new product launches from your STREAM exhibitors.


Follow this link to go to the STREAMS homepage now!

Concrete Pumping