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29 Feb 2024

Discover the latest innovations at The UK Concrete Show!

Discover the latest innovations at The UK Concrete Show!
The Innovation Hub is an exclusive area at this year’s show dedicated to advancing the concrete sector.

Join us for The UK Concrete Show, taking place from 20-21 March at the NEC, Birmingham, and take a unique opportunity to view cutting-edge products and services that will change the future of the industry!

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The Innovations

Learn about some of the innovations which will be featured as part of the Hub:


fibo Intercon

Stand number: 79

fibo Collect : Drive-thru Concrete, Mortar & Screed

fibo Collect’s drive-thru concept for concrete, mortar, & screed features an automated batching plant features self-cleaning technology and a user-friendly touch-screen terminal. Customers can order exactly the right amount of concrete, mortar, and screed when they need it at the push of a button, saving time and money by ordering from as little as 0.25m3 up to 12m3 per hour. Features include an automated cleaning system to enhance efficiency and reduce labour costs, a built-in recycling system for sustainable water use, cloud-based access for real-time monitoring, precise fibre dosing technology, moisture sensors for accuracy, and optional cement dust filters for safety. fibo Collect sets a new standard in the production of small volumes - with instantaneous mixing and dispensing capabilities, projects can start within minutes - which is far less wasteful than mixing onsite, saving time and money, while minimizing its environmental footprint by releasing less carbon than traditional bulk concrete mixing methods.


Concrete Services & Supplies Ltd

Stand number: 156

Ekin Conscreed

Conscreed E2400, from British manufacturer Ekin Engineering, is a 100% electric laser-guided concrete screed powered by high-performance lithium-ion batteries, which eliminates the need for a traditional combustion engine, thereby cutting polluting emissions and lowering maintenance costs. The E2400 uses a Controller Area Network (CAN bus) control system and servo-electric linear actuators for the levelling systems, removing the need for hydraulics, emits zero emissions and creates minimal noise for a cleaner, greener working environment. Other features include an all-electric levelling system with variable vibration, dual flight augers, rake mode, and touchscreen controls. The E2400 comes with standard charging or an option for a one-hour charging system. The combination of an all-electric power unit, cutting-edge technology, and simple-to-use controls results in an incredibly functional machine that is designed to help drive the concrete industry toward net zero and a more sustainable future.


Fosroc International

Stand number: 57

Flamex MS320

Fosroc’s one-part fire-rated sealant for trafficable fire protection, Flamex MS320, replaces the need for two sealants, and gives up to five hours of fire protection and a high Shore A hardness rating. Flamex MS320 is a fast-cure sealant suitable for sealing and protecting contraction and expansion joints within stadia terracing, floors, curtain walling, and building facades. Flamex MS320 needs just one application, giving a lower cost per use and, being part of Fosroc’s Green Tick product range, its foil sachet packaging produces significantly less waste volume than plastic cartridges and as a single-part product, waste packaging is further reduced.


Kelly Tanks Ltd

Stand number: 130

Concrete Skip Washout Frame

The Concrete Skip Washout Frame allows Column Skips to be safely stored and washed off onsite without the need for manual adjustment. Column Skips are lowered into the frame, where the operator can access the integrated platform to wash the skip off into a Kelly Tanks washout system that captures and recycles the wash water indefinitely. Recently upgraded to accommodate a 3000-litre skip, the system is robust, with a small footprint making it the ideal onsite solution. The frame can be separated into two parts for easy transportation. The Concrete Skip Washout Frame’s unique spring mechanism accommodates various size skips without intervention from the user making it safer and easier to use than alternatives. 


B&B Attachments Ltd

Stand number: 77

Beam Grab

The Beam Grab attachment has been designed to assist in the unloading process of floor beams from delivery vehicles using a loader crane. The Beam Grab can be manufactured to handle 1 to 6 beams in a row. The grab can be supplied with manually operated isolation locking hydraulics, providing the customer with individual or multiple beam handling options. Rubber contact pieces are protected from damage while knifing between T-beam pieces for clamping. The system can be incorporated with a quick-release system, allowing the handling device to be quickly disconnected so that a block clamp can be fitted. This allows both beam and block to be delivered on the same vehicle to a customer site, saving time and money. 



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Innovation Award

We’re also delighted to announce the UK Concrete Show Innovation Award as part of this year’s show.

Our Innovation Award aims to recognise the groundbreaking advancements in concrete technology and celebrate the ingenuity of companies committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, sustainability, and efficiency.

All attendees to the show are invited to cast their vote on whichever innovation, featured as part of the Innovation Hub, they feel is the most deserving of the award!

Following the event the winning company will be presented with the physical award and their product showcased through an online article and video interview on

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