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The UK Concrete Show is committed to providing a seminar experience to educate, enrich and engage the visitor. The Concrete Connect Theatre, situated on the exhibition floor, will feature free-to-attend CPD-accredited sessions across both show days.



Enhance your industry knowledge through sessions focused on the latest trends, best practices, and regulatory updates in the concrete and construction sector, supported by key industry bodies.

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Call for papers

We’re delighted to invite you to contribute your expertise as part of the Concrete Connect Seminar Programme at the 2024 UK Concrete Show, from 20-21 March at the NEC Birmingham.

A new development for 2024, this is an ideal opportunity to showcase your knowledge and make a lasting impact on the UK’s concrete construction sector and your fellow professionals.  

So, please join us in shaping the future of the industry by submitting your proposal for one of the following sessions:

Meeting the challenge of Net Zero:
Navigating the future of sustainable concrete

Share your insights into low-carbon concrete, cutting-edge emission reduction strategies, the role of additives, and innovative production solutions. Illuminate the path toward the UK's ambitious goal of achieving net zero by 2050 (or earlier), focusing specifically on the concrete construction sector. Your knowledge can help guide your fellow professionals towards sustainable practices that align with national targets.

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Keeping the concrete industry safe:
New legislation and industry best practices

Contribute to the debate on the latest legislation impacting the concrete industry, with emphasis on safety measures. Propose proactive approaches to keep pace with evolving industry standards and fostering a safer working environment. Your input could significantly advance safety practices within the unique context of the concrete construction sector.  

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Celebrating Innovation:
Showcasing the pinnacle of concrete technology

Showcase groundbreaking ideas, projects, or technologies that are reshaping the concrete construction landscape in the UK. Share success stories that highlight the creativity and progress within the field, emphasizing the sector-specific challenges and solutions that make your innovations stand out.

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Prevention or Cure?
Exploring advantages in concrete construction

Dive into the specific nuances of prevention, cure, repair, remediation, waterproofing, and new build approaches in the UK's concrete construction sector. Share your expertise on the advantages (and disadvantages!) of each method, providing valuable insights that can help guide your fellow industry professionals in making informed decisions tailored to the unique demands of the UK.

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A seminar session at The UK Concrete Show - educating, enriching and engaging the visitors

Each day's sessions will give insights into the key developments that will shape and transform the industry over the next decade, as speakers and panels explore decarbonization, sustainability, digitalization and much more.

The Concrete Connect Theatre, situated on the exhibition floor, will feature free-to-attend CPD-accredited sessions across both show days.

At the end of each seminar the audience will have the opportunity to put their questions to the speaker, whilst a panel will discuss the most salient issues at the end of each session.

A grid of images showing a stack of concrete blocks, a contemporary home built from concrete, a mixer carrying low-carbon concrete, and concrete being poured from a chute

2023 Seminar Highlights

Day 1

Mark Cowan
Truck-Mixers a Common Standard: Safety Standards

Mike Phillips
BAA and Concrete Industry
Industry contributions

Chad Mahoney
CO2 Utilization in Concrete: Carbon Cure Technology

James Bullock
Why sustainability is a concrete matter

Dr Ricardo Remus & Mr German Linz
Ultrasound & Concrete

Neal Cass
Impact of Moisture Control on Sustainable Concrete

Ernesto Biot
Nordimpianti System SRL

Luca Serafini
C.G.M. S.r.l.

Day 2

Sam Chartouni & Chris Williams & Matt Manley
Liquid Insulation innovation

Dr Ricardo Remus & Mr German Linz
Ultrasound & Concrete

Johanna Jarvinen
One Click LCA
How to create EPDs quickly

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